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Look How the Nations Rage Psalms 2


Have you ever looked at this world and wondered what the end will be? How it will come? Who will be there? Have you ever thought of how God holds all things in his hands and how foolish it is for any nation or power to fight against him?


Psalms chapter 2 introduces us to the anointed one. The psalmist sings of these very thoughts. He foretells of the hatred of Christ, his glories and triumphal reign over all. As the psalmist begins, his thoughts muse over the raging nations. From the battlement that has been arrayed against God, the psalmist depicts God as one that laughs at man's folly. The Lord decrees, most assuredly, his plan by which no nation may interfere. Finally, the Lord pronounces wrath and curses for those that stand against him and blessings and peace for those who take refuge in him.


Why do the nations Rage? How can someone rise to see the sun and fail to see that it was God that gave sight to see something so wonderful. The only reason that one can rise from bed and stand and walk is that God through his grace provides the strength to do so. The only reason that one can communicate his desire for breakfast is because God has chosen to provide him with breath. How could it be that anyone would conspire against God? How ridiculous it is to use the conscious that God gave to imagine that there is no God. How outrageous it is that one would use his own God given breath to expel such curses and blasphemous slander against our glorious God. Why would one do such a thing? They are caught in rage and turbulence where individuals murmur their plans against the anointed of God. How sad it is when one who calls himself a child of God is found holding hands with the likes of these. Man teaches that to understand life, one must first understand the ancient civilizations and accomplishments of society. The psalmist says NO. We will never understand our world until we understand this... that leaders (some by intent and others by ignorance) take their stand against God. It does not matter the regime; Capital or Communist, poor or rich... the psalmist says that man rages against the Lord. Why do kings and leaders invent such folly? It is because they refuse the chains of the Lord (which they think are a colossal burden). They fail to see the plain truth that the chains they already carry are driving them to the grave. Have you refused the chains of Christ? Understand to do so you do not have to march against him. You merely have to equate Christ with the other philosophers and moralists of the world. HE IS NOT...HE IS THE LORDS ANOINTED! To battle him is to refuse his kingship. Is it OK to set him up as a shrine and fail to submit to him as king? He IS the king. All who will not submit make war with God.


He who sits in heaven, laughs. We watch as leader after leader arrays their armies against God and his anointed and we fear what will happen with God's plan and his people. God laughs. Can we understand the full force of that statement? God laughs. He holds them in derision. There is no power of men so great or thought of man so wise but that God laughs at man's folly. When Pilot said to crucify him, God laughed. Christ had been established. He whom God appointed, no one can deny. God has set his king on Zion his holy hill. There is no invention of man that can change this. They are as mere toys to God. Barely significant, hardly meaningful.


You are my son, today I have begotten you. God said this of Christ. Christ is the eternal son and it is he who has been given all nations. Christ is the eternal son and God has said to hear him. It is the intersession of Christ that is the hope of the world. Do you believe this? God has chosen to free men from the bondage of death and the putridity of sin and to release them to his son. Do you believe this? How vain it is to refuse God's gift and try to offer to up our own value or our own righteousness. Man in all his boasts of strength is in reality exceedingly frail. To reject the son is madness. Do you believe that those held by the philosophy of Buddhism, the Koran or any other human idea need to be set free? Do you believe that Christ said that He was the way and the truth and the life and that no one would come to the father but through him?


God said that life is in his son. The Greek shouts HOW FOOLISH. The Jews scream UNACCEPTABLE. Yet for all this commotion there is only one answer. Kiss the son. Where do you stand? Revelation 6 tells of the day when absolute terror will befall the kings that stood against him. Where do you stand?


There is no refuge from him, but there is refuge in him. Oh the blessings of all those who flee to him for refuge. Kiss the son. Honor our king.


Adapted from an original sermon on Psalms 2 by Alistair Begg.