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Unity in Christ

A clear, consistent, and central theme of New Testament Christianity is that of “Unity.” The concept of oneness, being together, and never being divided on matters of truth is one that is key to every aspect of the Lord’s plan for His people as described in His word. Jesus prayed that those who follow Him would, “Be One” (John 17:20).  Paul wrote to the church at Corinth and spent considerable time pointing out the error of their ways, when they refused to be one and instead broke apart into separate and divided factions (1 Corinthians 1:10).

And the same inspired writer addressed the saints in Ephesus by speaking of only “One Faith” and only “One Hope” (Ephesians 4:4-6).

It is unfortunate to have to admit that in the religious world today, there seems to exist everything but unity.  Instead, people are provided with the opportunity or “luxury” of choosing their own church and deciding which one best fits the bill. People are encouraged to find the religion that most closely resembles their belief-set. And today, more than ever before, people are encouraged to choose a church that fits them, their lifestyle, and which would be the least disruptive to their lives.  In many ways, instead of God and faith changing us, we are afforded the opportunity to “change” God.

When Jesus spoke of His church in Matthew 16, it’s important to note the singular nature of His promise.  He would build, “His church.” 

Never does the Savior speak of creating multiple faiths, divided doctrines, and separate bodies. Since the time of His coming, we have come a long way and are clearly witnessing extended and exponential apostasy some 2,000 years later. As Bible believers, we must get back to its truths and not our own opinions.

Simply put, we must strive to be one in faith and in practice. And when we as humans fail in this, we must ask why we’re not unified. The truth is, someone, somewhere, at some time in providing so many different “options” did something wrong, something sinful, and something contrary to the Lord’s will. Let’s strive to be dedicated to the unity of faith, the singleness of Christ, and the one church He built for us.

- Leland Ping