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Same As He Ever Was

One. One simple direction. Paradise is yours. All you need to do is follow one simple direction, obedience. You can walk the earth. You can participate with the life lovingly created by your Father - every single soul. Just abstain from temptation, curiosity that detracts, selfishness. Change is a need, a must. We face a difficult challenge, but a change of direction must draw us closer to the Lord. (Matt. 22:37-38)

One would think that sounds easy. If so, why do we find our Father tested? Disappointed? Why do we find failure so easy to accept that some turn the blame to Him? Could this be right? If not, why do so many fall away? Why do many “redefine” our Lord and His nature? Mortal weakness separates the essence and character of our Lord, as if he had a personality crisis. Defiance separates the God of the New Testament from the Old. With such definition and action, the excuse-ridden man would argue they cannot be the same.  In truth one fact remains; He is the same as He ever was.

In the beginning, Adam and Eve possessed the understanding. Given the gift of life with sustenance more than they could imagine, scripture shows they buckle with a simple accession for more. Succumbing in a moment imagined “better,” allowance is created to fall from the grace of the Father. (Gen. 1-3) Though blessed beyond measure, the curious mind begged for the impermissible. As a testament, one can read as lives become filled with pain.

Lest we think less of our ancient ancestors, let us walk down the line. Mankind continues. Life is perpetuated. We know the arts, culture, and relationships are created while goodness remains. Sadly, dark emotions are born - jealousy, anger, and pride. To us, these are not new. To us, they have always been. Yet arrogantly, we act as if we have moved beyond base exhibitions. In truth, without heeding the wisdom of lives lived, we can lose sight of our God who calls us home.

Now, the Word we can know; we can even “buy.” But, it was not always so. Though It may be unread, the majesty of God proves It can be known. Earth sings His praise, and those who truly love, have never been repelled. While mention is brief, and his son often receives a greater claim, were Methuselah’s years REALLY so great? Or, should time be taken to more honor his father? Living a life in steadfast stride, called home before the claim of mortality, Enoch entered the presence of our Lord ahead of his time. (Gen. 5:24) Could we devote enough time to such a noble ponder?

To be “chosen,” we might further study. Some seem so blessed and fall into the net of obedience with little effort of their own. One might recall Rachel, a maiden from a land on the outskirts of understanding. She, a maiden, taken from a home of comfort; betrothed to a man of Jehovah. Yet, with a new life - a token, a memorial, a dependence stolen from the home of her father. Household gods, pageantry, tradition, comfort - she does not escape. Is a wish to turn to these when casting doubt upon a God for whom lack may be insufficient?  To be so naive, unaware, and weak, could we run from His walk with misunderstood ignorance leading to destruction?

In time, another acts with purpose. He learns at the feet of Gamaliel. If ever a man acts “atrociously” in good conscience, it is he. (Acts 22-23:3) Saul, a devout Pharisee, teacher of the Law, finds new purpose, though his scars run deep. With steps toward an alien city and calling from the Lord, everything changes. Refreshed, transformed, this new servant, Paul, became a catalyst for change leading many to understand the power of change and forgiveness provided by our Savior. With a pure mind committed to fulfilling service, he turned about and saved, where before he had condemned. Stepping from the shadows of sin, what new walk do we discover?

Leaders lead and this we know. Whether by appointment or nature, responsibility comes with influence. In a world full of sin, we should know tragedy awaits. Spared as a babe, a single Hebrew male grows into royalty. Caught in a moment, moved by despair, even he acts rashly as he strikes in vengeance to defend one he thinks a “brother.” Confused and abandoned, he finds a life with new guise. Special callings promote one in times of need. Our estranged soul can find a need of return divinely directed. Yet even he, incomplete, found displeasure in the Lord. (Ex. 4:24) Do we aspire to sanctify as we serve our Lord?

Yet many question the time in their lives. Too late, one might wonder? Hanging on a cross, body riddled with time and sin. An earnest heart - touched, seeking comfort. Anguish, repentance sought, pleas to be made. A familiar scene? As we recall that thief with touching words from our Lord, do we relate? Have we stolen days? Talents? Opportunities? Truth? When we speak of Him, do we hide His majesty, His grace, His righteousness? Do we disregard, because there is simply too much? To so many He is incomplete. He is unknown? He is robbed of His love, but He is righteous…

When questioning, from what do we seek a change, our lives or His mercy?