Learning Prayer (2024)

Learning Prayer (2024)

Learning Prayer

Edwin Crozier

April 7–10

Speaker Edwin Crozier

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Join Us For A Special Event!

Hosted by the Cedar Park church of Christ, immerse yourself in a few days of learning more about prayer from April 7th to 10th. Speaker Edwin Crozier will lead us through insightful sessions, uncovering the depth and significance of prayer in our lives.

Whether you're seeking spiritual growth or a deeper connection with God, this event is for you. Each session promises to inspire and uplift. Don't miss this opportunity to enrich and strengthen your prayer life. See you there!


  • Sunday, April 7

    • First of All Then, Pray

      @ 9:00 AM CST

      Ephesus was a bit of a mess when Paul left Timothy behind to correct some teachers, appoint more elders and deacons, straighten out some errors. We might be surprised to discover what Paul wanted Timothy to do first. He wanted him to pray and get others praying.

    • Bible Class

      @ 9:45 AM CST

      Weekly bible classes for all ages. Prepare with our daily bible reading.

    • Kingdom First Praying

      @ 10:45 AM CST

      When Jesus taught His disciples to pray, He didn't give them an acrostic, a rubric, or a mnemonic device. He gave them a mandate. He taught them to pray the kingdom first. Examine the Lord's model prayer to see how every bit of is seeking first God's kingdom in prayer. This lesson tells us the "what" of praying the kingdom.

  • Monday, April 8

    • I Need the Father First

      @ 7:00 PM CST

      When Jesus tells us to pray for the Father's kingdom first, He is actually telling us what we need first. We need the Father first. We need His kingdom first. This lesson tells us the "why" of kingdom-first praying.

  • Tuesday, April 9

    • Give God a Reason to Respond

      @ 7:00 PM CST

      Praying the kingdom first is hard work. It doesn't come naturally. We would much rather just tell God whatever is on our heart. But as hard as it is, praying the kingdom is worth it. This lesson discusses the "how" of kingdom-first praying.

  • Wednesday, April 10

    • The Blessing of Inefficient Prayer

      @ 7:00 PM CST

      So often, we want to pray quickly, pray efficiently. We want to shoot of our request to God and walk away. The goal of praying, however, is not efficiency. Certainly, prayers aren't required to be long. But sometimes inefficient praying is what we most need. This lesson will examine Jesus's least efficient prayer--His prayer in the garden the night He was betrayed to see the benefits and blessings.


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