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Final Perfection



You can almost imagine the perfect moment.


A gentle breeze blowing over the grass, wafting fragrance of honey as the flowers reach their bloom. It is, after all, a time when kings go to war.


From across the plain the murmur, the throb, the incessant “yawping” of the opponent to be met. Who can stand up to such a one?! So mighty, so demanding, so pervasive… The need to respond is imminent. A challenge has been brought, who will rise against this bringer of doom?


You can imagine David, as he knelt to gather the small stones. Smooth, for perfect flight. Compact, to gather momentum as it was launched at a target. He knew these items, such had served him before.  Accessible, found at a moments notice. Could they deliver salvation?


Standing in awe, a boy, ruddy, young, overeager? A youth to stand before giants. In the shadow, looking up, the silhouette of a monster outlined by the sun. It is easy to wonder how the courage of God can instill such strength. Do you find yourself young, unprepared, lacking? For David, perhaps a glimpse, a prayer, an action, a crash! The giant falls. When we trust, He will deliver.


The Israelite troops amazed in wonder…


A wonder much like that realized with Samson, a barbarian. True, a child of God but base. A man finding within the “imperfection of a dead donkey” the ideal weapon of deliverance for striking the Philistines in the deliverance of his people.


How? With what strength? Why? How could the Lord choose such an egomaniacal, lust-filled “barbarian” to lead his true chosen people to freedom? A man given to the weakness of his loins but a man guided in the laws of the Lord. Possessor of a covenant, making his strength unbreachable, bringing even the towers of Phillistia upon his own mortal frame. A mighty valiant act, indeed! When obedient, He will deliver.


The people talked of it long after his death…


Talked of it as Noah, the world’s first storyteller? Really, there are no stories before him. In truth time existed but who could carry the message…otherwise unknown? A man, noted for his stark contrast. The Word states that he “was a righteous man, blameless in his generation. Noah walked with God.”  Gen 6:9


Given the order, directed to completion, noted in detail, a man thorough to the end. Others would wonder, ridicule, at that which they could not, would not comprehend. Ultimately, succumb they would, as their own lack of truth overwhelmed them in the flood. A man, though stoic, was determined but ultimately… lacking. Even Noah allowed moments of weakness and foolhardiness.  A man of weakness reliant upon only the word for understanding… The word enough for survival but not enough for a final deliverance.


A last impression, his son wanders in upon a breach of righteousness and attacks the moment of humanity in jest, an error in itself… and now we talk.


We talk of being human and as a creation, given to error. Temporary, short lived humans, we are given to moments, not as our Lord, the Eternal One. To him we must call, only he can make complete. As mortals, we can only seek to embrace our moment now. Can we look into the face of a giant? Are we able to harness the gifts given of our God? Do we answer those who would question? To be the one who serves, to be one remembered by our God we must.


Paul, in his letter to the Phillipians, so encouraged:


Phillipians 2:15 “ that you may be blameless and innocent, children of God without blemish in the midst of a crooked and twisted generation, among whom you shine as lights in the world”


We have spoken of heroes and they of past generations leave us stories, glimpses of glory. We fondly recall and wonder at the mighty achievements in which they astounded. An old expression says, “heroes are remembered but legends never die.” What could this mean? Why such comparison? In answer, we are reminded as legends grow, they refuse to give in to death.


So this idea of a legend is to be desired? Perhaps not but a more eternal status should be desired. An everlasting, pervasive, undying influence has been delivered unto us and now we are stewards. And now, not only can our memories be redeemed but so too our lives. We can serve the purpose illustrated in Romans.


Romans 8:11“But if the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, he that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by his Spirit that dwelleth in you.”


We have the most perfect example to look to. A life lived in teaching, a life of example, a life of sacrifice. To be like our Lord, to draw near to God, could there be any greater action we accomplish in this life?


God calls us to be much more than a hero, even more than a servant but with the same caring quality. Our Lord calls us to be his child. As a child follows after their mother or father, so too are we to follow our Lord. Our past is full of moments and some of those moments will be recorded.


In the last days, all the saints will be called to arise. Will you be among them?


 Revelations 20:15 “And if anyone's name was not found written in the book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire.”


Are we to find ourselves among His family, redeemed, arisen, and eternal? Or will the worst result be realized and we find ourselves only a memory with no future life? We must be reminded of this and live both for the moment we have now and eternity.


Ryan Griffith