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Encouragement is no doubt one of the best motivators there is. It’s needed in everyday life, jobs, school, sports, games, and at home. Encouragement allows people to feel wanted and loved. I know just hearing the words “good job” mean a lot, in fact, it can keep us striving to keep doing a good job and possibly even excel to greater heights. Just recently I had a supervisor at work that I didn’t really know tell me that I did a good job on what I was working on. It just felt really good to hear those words and that little bit of encouragement gave me a little boost for the day.  It also renewed my energy to try and do the next task at work even better even though the task I was doing was something I do every single day and it doesn’t require much skill at all and in fact is relatively easy to accomplish most of the time. So in my mind it doesn’t deserve much appreciation.  But the fact that a coworker I barely knew took the time to say “good job”, turned a normal everyday thing for me into a true feel good moment. It’s a beautiful thing how simply being recognized for something can totally change or make one’s day here on earth.


As Christians I believe it is extremely important to adopt this giving of motivation.  Especially when it comes to strengthening others faith by positive reinforcement when we notice the good things they are doing. First, it allows the people we are noticing to feel good about their actions in the faith and encourages them to strive for more. It also allows us to see what we are commending in someone else while giving us an opportunity to truthfully evaluate ourselves. It can also be a very contagious thing. Some folks are a little shy, but when one person breaks the ice on encouraging someone, many others get the confidence to do so as well.  This outpouring of encouragement is really an outpouring of love.  Love is all about the other person and how they feel, and what you do to show them that you care. 1 Thess. 5:11 says “Therefore comfort each other and edify one another, just as you also are doing”. Hebrews 3:13 states “exhort one another daily, while it is called today; lest any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin”.  Since it is a command written in the bible, it is also a requirement for each of us to lift, build up, and encourage one another.  If it is a written command that God took the time to give to us, it should be quite obvious how important it is. God knows His creation and He understands that we need this encouragement and exhortation.


If we can encourage others to live for Christ, we are doing tremendous work in the kingdom. If we tell others they are representing Christ as well, it will motivate them to keep doing it. When it comes to encouragement, no task is too small or ordinary. Most of the time people appreciate it the most when the little things are noticed.  As believers, it is our duty to encourage one another, it is our duty to make sure our brothers and sisters are on the right track, it is our duty to love one another as we love our selves. Reinforcing each other can do no harm, and if we can all abound in doing so, there’s no telling what heights we may achieve and what kind of example the world would see in ourselves. Lift each other up! Every day!!

Tyler Armagost