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Does This Sound Familiar?

My memory often fails to serve me as well as I would like, but I vividly remember an event, which occurred almost 40 years ago. We were attending a basketball game, and a group of girls from our high school took the court and performed a routine to music that was nothing short of embarrassing. I knew these girls. They were my daughter’s friends and classmates (she was not with them on this occasion). I considered them to be “good girls”, but no one would have guessed it by the way they were dressed (undressed) or by the sexually provocative movements they performed. What they displayed before that large crowd was “the attire of a harlot” (Proverbs 7:10) with the lascivious bodily movements to match.

As I think back on that scene, I am made to wonder: What were the parents of these girls thinking when they allowed, or probably encouraged, their daughters to do this?

Could these young ladies, in their late teens, possibly have failed to realize the effect they were having on the men (young and otherwise), who were watching them?

Why would decent people applaud this behavior on a basketball court, when they would consider it shameful in other places and circumstances?

This was not the first time, nor the last, that I have seen cheerleaders, drill teams, pep squads, twirlers, etc. display themselves immodestly before the eyes of a leering crowd. It has become commonplace to see at sporting events, the kind of “entertainment” that years ago was hidden away in some smarmy burlesque house.

Satan has made fools of us. He has deceived us into wallowing in lasciviousness, while thinking it is wholesome entertainment. It is time for us to wake up to reality.