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The Walls Came Down

I want to share with you the lyrics from the song “The Walls Came Down” by the
group Acappella. It’s a song that draws inspiration from the biblical story of the
Battle of Jericho, the story of Philip and the Eunuch, and in the third verse a story
of a person’s personal struggle with a life threating disease.
The song uses these biblical stories as a metaphor for overcoming obstacles and
challenges in life through faith and obedience to God. It tells a message of trust in
God’s power to bring down the walls that may stand in the way of one’s spiritual
journey or personal struggles.

Jericho walls fastened up tight,
promised our Yahweh surely would be a terrible fight.
Marching around, day after day,
faithfully waiting, giving a shout with trumpets to play.

At the echoes of that sound,
they could see the walls come down.
And the walls came down.
The walls came down.

It was not the way they would have landed,
but the walls came down.
Seeking the Lord, worshipping Him,
making a journey all the long way to Jerusalem.
Phillip revealed the wonderful Word.

Needing atonement, a beautiful Lamb and merciful Lord.

On that old deserted road,
he was spared his heavy load.
And the walls came down.
The walls came down.
It was not the way that he expected
but the walls came down.
They came down ...
Falling, falling, the walls came down.
And the walls were falling down ...
The walls came down ...

Hearing the words, “The cancer has spread,”
dealing with treatments, suffering pain with worse times ahead.
Praying for a “yes” answer with strife,
freedom was prayed for, freedom received but not in this life.

A reprieve was not to be,
though he truly was set free.
When the walls came down,
the walls came down.
It was not at all as we intended,
but the walls came down.

Let the walls come down,
the walls come down.

If we trust in God, we’ll find His blessing
as the walls come down.
May the walls come down,
the walls come down.
He is still the Lord, he’ll never leave us.
Let the walls come down.

What lessons can we take from the song “The Walls Came Down”?
1. Faith and Obedience Lead to Victory:
The song emphasizes the importance of faith and obedience as keys in achieving
victory over life’s challenges. In the biblical story of Jericho, the walls came down
as a result of the Israelites faithfully following God’s instructions. Similarly, in
our own lives, trusting in God and obeying Him can lead to the breaking down of
walls that may stand in our way … both spiritual and physical.
2. Perseverance and Patience Are Essential:
The Israelites marched around the walls of Jericho for seven days before the walls
came down. This highlights the concepts of perseverance and patience. In our
own journeys, we may face prolonged struggles, but the song encourages the idea
that staying committed to our faith in God will eventually lead to victory.
3. God’s Power Surpasses Human Limitations:
The collapse of the walls in Jericho was a miraculous event attributed to God’s
power. The song suggests that, similarly, we should recognize the fact that God’s
power surpasses human limitations. It encourages us to be humble and recognize
that we may encounter challenges that seem insurmountable on our own, but
with God all things are possible.
4. For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways
The phrase “God’s ways are not our ways, His plans are not ours” reflects a
biblical concept found in the Old Testament, particularly in the book of Isaiah.
The specific verse is Isaiah 55:8-9.
The song speaks of God’s wisdom and understanding compared to human
understanding. It encourages humility and trust in God’s divine wisdom, even
when we may not fully understand the circumstances or events in our lives.
Overall, “The Walls Came Down” imparts lessons about the transformative power
of faith, the importance of perseverance, and the recognition of God’s power in
overcoming obstacles in life. It’s a celebration of victory through faith and trust in
God’s guidance. We all have “Walls” in our life that can and will be overcome
through the power and grace of Jesus Christ.
- Craig Hecht